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Keep in Touch Massage TherapistKeep in Touch Massage specializes in Massage, and we do it well.  Some of our phenomenal services include:

  • One Hour Massages [60 minutes hands-on]
  • 90 Minute Massages [90 minutes hands-on]
  • Reflexology or Foot Massage sessions*
  • Chair Massage and Off-Site Chair Massage*
  • Pre-natal massage for pregnant women.


Massage therapy involves systematic stroking, kneading, traction, compression, and other movement of soft tissues to help with relaxation, stress, anxiety, depression, recovery from activity, pain reduction, rehabilitation following injuries/surgeries, etc..  Massage can address the entire body or be extremely specific depending upon your needs. There are many styles of massage, and different therapists may use different methods to achieve the same goal(s) when working with you.

Pain relief/pain management is the #1 reason why Americans see massage therapists. Over 90% of Americans who receive massage say it is effective for helping to reduce/manage their pain. Massage can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle at all ages.


Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points on the hands and feet are related to internal organs and glands. Reflexology helps to stimulate normal function of the organ involved to aid self-healing and bring about physical and mental well being.

The primary benefits of reflexology are relaxation, relief of stress, and improved circulation. Individuals have reported having greater alertness, improved vitality, and increased creativity after a reflexology session. It can help individuals suffering from a variety of illnesses and is also recommended to help relieve stress disorders.

Read More about Types of Massage and Benefits of Massage. For information about Specialty Services, please see the page specific to each location.